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Classic. Mature. Reliable.

VPN without complexity

VPN service done simple

Get connected in just 2 minutes and 5 simple steps. No registration, no sharing sensible personal details, Everything is secure and anonymous the way you want it to be. All devices and operation system supported. Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux.

Fast start

Get up and running in minutes. No need to create and remember username and password. All service authorization and VPN connection done by a touch of a finger. Like literally. Using only your Telegram account.

Free trial period

Free full access to premium subscription to evaluate the service

Unlimited bandwidth and data

There is no bandwidth or data caps applied. Eat it as much as you can. No brakes.

No logging

We don't keep logs of your VPN activity. Whatever you do is entirely your and only your business only. Just don't do anything illegal because we still can identify an abuser if we really have to.

Your personal details are not collected

We don't collect any of your personal details. We don't know your real name, we don't know your phone number we even don't know your email. The only thing we know is your Telegram account ID and the the account details you share with other Telegram users.

Up to 3 simultaneous devices

Yes, that's right. You can connect up to 3 devices at once sharing your connection with someone else if needed.

Ideal for work

Speed and reliability is our top priority. Liberator VPN will be great choice for those who earn in Instagram, Youtue, Canva and other cloud based online services and apps.

A Telegram account is all you need to get connected right now

Every new Liberator VPN user can test our VPN service absolutely free of charge. No commitment. No credit card details. No registration required. You can start using VPN in just a couple of minutes time from now. After your trial period expires we will offer you to purchase paid subscription.