Liberator VPN Connect bot - allows you to quickly and easily create and configure a personal connection to Liberator network VPN servers, which are resilent to most of VPN supression mechanisms, without the need to purchase any additional hardware.

Liberator VPN bot was launched in early March 2022, was one of the first of its kind, and, according to user feedback, remains one of the top quality, independent VPN services in Russia.

We use open-source protocol OpenVPN. You can connect to Liberator VPN using the official OpenVPN application for your device. If you have not it installed yet, you will receive a download link for the application from the official website along with the configuration file for automatic connection setup.

You can connect and start working very quickly, in just a few simple steps, without registration, without creating a login and password, without any upfront payment, without sharing your personal details, literally in a couple of minutes. Publicly available data from your Telegram account used for quick authorization on our servers.