How to upload VPN configuration file in OpenVPN Connect app on Samsung device

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First of all, to connect VPN on your Android device you should visit our Liberator VPN Telegram bot and receive a link to download official OpenVPN Connect app and connection configuration file.

It is quite straight forward and takes a few screen taps.

It looks something like this

Liberator VPN Telegram Bot - Start Screen

Liberator VPN Telegram Bot - select device type

Liberator VPN Telegram Bot - download and install OpenVPN Connect app for Android

OpenVPN Connect for Android - Google Play

Once appication is installed, return to Liberator VPN bot, tap "Done! What next?" button and receive configuration file

Once you received a message with configuration file, tap it's right top corner and save the file in your device Downloads folder. You can later find it in Downloads / Telegram folder

Liberator VPN Telegram Bot - saving VPN configuration file in Downloads

Then tap "Save to Downloads"

Liberator VPN Telegram Bot - saving VPN configuration file in Downloads

The file will be saved in "Downloads / Telegram" folder on your device where you fild it later.

Once you saved the VPN configuration file, go to OpenVPN Connect app

It might come up with "User agreement" just tap AGREE and proceed further

OpenVPN Connect для Android - пользовательское соглашение

Tap the right side tab 'Upload File'


Once there, browse files on your device and your VPN configuration file that you saved earlier. Check straight in Downloads / Telegram folder. You will find it there.


Find the configuration file that filename usually starts with region code. For example "EU_"


Once you managed to fild the file, tap it and it will show configuration import prompt.

OpenVPN Connect Android - Import VPN configuration file

It will show you the name of the server you get connected and it's IP address. Hit CONNECT button bellow.

OpenVPN Connect Android - Import VPN configuration and connecting to VPN server

Your device will throw the last prompt on the way to your VPN connection. Asking you if you want to accept the request to establish secure VPN connection or cancel it.

Tap OK if you trust it or hit Cancel if you have doubts.

OpenVPN Connect Android - accept app request to establish VPN connection

While you are getting connected. Your device will ask you if you want to receive notifications from OpenVPN Connect application. We suggest to allow it. It doesn't send a lot of notifications anyway. You can also turn them off later at any time.

OpenVPN Connect Android - allow the app to send notifications

And that's all. Congratulation! You are connected.

OpenVPN Connect Android - Connection indicator Switch showing that you are connected

If you faced some dificulties uploading and importing VPN configuration file, you also could try to do it this way.