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How to Load VPN Configuration File on iPhone using OpenVPN App

OpenVPN Connect for iOS

If you installed OpenVPN Connect app on your iPhone or iPad and having some difficulties figuring out how to add your VPN configuration file in there. Here is a short 3 step manual with illustrations bellow. Just follow.Open your VPN configuration file right from the message in the Telegram bot. The iOS will show you a screen where in the top right cornet we marked in red what to press.

iphone connection step 1

Sometimes, on some iOS variations, the small blue icon to press can be located at the bottom left instead of top right.

Iphone connection step 1

It will show you the next screen where you will be given to choose the app to open that configuration file. Pick OpenVPN Connenct app you installed earlier.

iphone connection step 2

And that's it. Once you point the app, the iOS will load the file in it, set everything up and show you the get ready for VPN connection screen. The only thing left is to turn the green switch on. Done!

iphone connection step 3